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New City Hall Celebrates 50 Years as Centre of Toronto's Expression

Photo Credit: Chris Nagy Today marks a point of a genesis for the City of Toronto we currently recognize. Built at a cost of $27,035,000 in the 1960s (other sources report 31 million), Toronto’s municipal government’s nerve centre was officially opened on September 13 th , 1965. A ceremony presided with the then-Mayor Philip Givens, the city celebrated the official opening of the building we know today as New City Hall. Shaped through 91,000 cubic yards of concrete and roughly 8,733 square meters of glass, Toronto’s New City Hall is identified for two multistory towers (a 27-floor east tower and a 20-floor west tower) as well as a 155-foot diameter Council Chamber. Now a 50-year-old structure, New City Hall continues to amaze the world as a stunning icon to what Toronto is and what it could be. New City Hall was one of many builds in Toronto that took a long time to come to fruition. During the early part of the 20 th century, the local government outgrew so-called Old C